Derek Bio Wiki Net Worth Derek works at the shop while also maintaining a superhero alter ego as a part-time Philadelphia firefighter. When not pulling cats out of trees, Derek satiates his undying love for anything on two wheels by upping his motorcycle IQ and turning out bikes at Liberty Vintage. While his towering stance

Al Jones

Al Jones Bio Wiki Net Worth Crew members of Liberty Vintage is ready for their close up. The crew is the center of Discovery Channel’s hit show Philly Throttle. Meet Al Jones, described by his boss Adam Cramer as the living breathing Fonz. A compliment like that means a lot coming from one of the

Series Premiere

Philly Throttle Premiere Episode! If you had to teach a bunch of Chimpanzees to dance it would probably drive you crazy. Times that by ten and that’s his shop.” How Adam Cramer describes the painstakingly task of guiding his crew to restore precious and priceless motorcycles. Adam’s passion for what he does is so strong

Adam Cramer Interview

Despite everything were facing with the recession, foreign powers, the largest problem facing Americans is the investment in the industrialization of America. Our children don’t know the difference between a flat head and Phillips screw driver and even if they did they wouldn’t know what to do with it. Adam believes American society has gotten

Liberty Vintage Restores Norton

Liberty Vintage Restores A Norton Once again the crew at Liberty Vintage shop in Philadelphia are faced with a new challenge from a customer. But nothing these guys have had to fix has been a problem. But this one in particular has present a new set of challenges. The crew has 6 days left to

Big Al

Big Al Bio Wiki In 2013 Philadelphia motorcycle shop owned by Adam Cramer became the center of the new Discovery channel series Philly Throttle. The series premiered July 5th following the daily work routine of the employees, owner and customers. Big Al one of the main characters and one of Liberty Vintage’s best asset. He

Diamond In The Rough

Diamond In The Rough Video Clip Mike Shoulson is a motorcycle collector and he wants to surprise his dad by having one of motorcycles restored. So he takes it to the right place Liberty Vintage. But with the company’s experience and clientele Mike will have to pay a pretty penny but it will all be

Nicky Vivo

Nicky Vivo Bio Wiki Nicky Vivo of Liberty Vintage is the least experienced of the dynamic cast. One thing they all share is their love and passion for their job. That motivation has made Liberty Vintage the top restoration shop in Philadelphia which lead to Discovery Channel taking notice. Philly Throttle premiered July 5th 2013.


Slo Bio Wiki Philly Throttle stars the workers at the Philadelphia custom shop Liberty Vintage. The guys are all sharing their passion and love for motorcycles restoring vintage and unique cycles and turning them into classic works of art worth thousands. Like the others Slo began fixing bikes on his own before working full time


Fran Bio Wiki One of the freshest series on television Philly Throttle premiered July 5th 2013. The cast are a group eclectic hardworking men who have an interesting job they are all in love with. At Liberty Vintage owner and founder Adam Cramer shares his passion for motorcycles as he and his team including Fran